5 Steps to Relieving Gout in Foot

Gout is a medical condition that is experienced by 840 out 100,000 people. It accounts for 5% of all arthritis cases. And it is a common symptom of diseases related to hormonal imbalance and waste elimination. When gout strikes you, you are inflicted with a sharp, debilitating pain that keeps you from enjoying activities you used to do. Your joints will most likely swell up because of uric acid formation. And as a result, you also get physical deformity.

There is no instant cure to gout in foot as it can be brought on by several factors. But you can be an active participant in controlling its severity by following these tips.

1. Adjust your usual food intake

Gout in Foot pictureAdjust your usual food intake so you avoid increasing your blood uric acid levels. By eliminating meats, fats, shellfish and vegetables (beans, mushrooms, peas, cauliflower and spinach) that produce purine by-products in the body, you could minimize the chances of aggravating your current situation. If you want to satiate yourself, you could increase fiber intake via fruits, alternative vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Not only are these helpful in controlling and eliminating uric acid in the body, they are also quite capable of supporting your daily nutritional requirement.

2. Get rid of your smoking and drinking habit

Get rid of your smoking and drinking habit as they contribute significantly to the formation of uric acid. On top of that, they also are known precursors for blood acidosis and other detrimental illnesses from myocardial infarction to liver failure and even cancer.

3. Losing weight

You should put a lot of effort in losing weight. Yes, it might be a little difficult given your gout in foot situation. But this accomplishment is not solely just dependent on using your lower extremities. If you really want to, you could find a way to burn excess fat in your body without putting pressure on your joints. For example, you could swim or get those fat burning exercise machines that don’t require you to make any movements.

4. Follow your doctor’s prescription

You should follow your doctor’s prescription and take your cochicine and allopurinol according to the ordered quantity and frequency. It wouldn’t hurt to take supplements (usually, turmeric, ginger and bromelain) with it to decrease the inflammation of the soft tissue and joints. If the pain requires immediate relief, you should also drink pain relievers and apply topical aids to help you get by.

5.  Drink lots of fluids

Drink lots of fluids to aid in the elimination of uric acid. This can range from water to cherry and lemon juice – both known to be high in potassium and anthocyarins (these reduce blood acid levels). You could also brew buckroot tea as it is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

No doubt, having gout in foot is a very discouraging experience. But it isn’t an end in itself. So there’s no point to getting depressed about it. You are your own solution to the problem. And with the aforementioned tips, hopefully you take this fact seriously and pursue the path to full recovery.

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